Door County
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Door County Wisconsin

Door County is located in the State of Wisconsin on the northern tip of the Peninsula that starts from the city of Green Bay on the West and roughly down to Kewaunee on the East. Door County encompasses the area of the peninsula that starts on the South side at about Forestville and imagining a line that goes East and West from there to Green Bay (The Bay not the City) and Lake Michigan. You might loosely say that most of Door County is an Island because it completely cut across by Sturgeon Bay and the Sturgeon Bay Canal.

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Door County also includes Washington Island which is about five miles off the shores of the peninsula There is a car ferry that will transport cars to Washington Island.

Door County derives its name from the passage in-between the tip of the mainland and Washington Island. Because of its treacherous currents and frequent storms, the passage was called "Death's Door." The French called it "Port des Morts." The name was not originated by white men, though, because the indians had long called it the same thing. The French had simply translated the indian words into French once they learned that it was already aptly named. Hundreds of vessels have been wrecked here over the years. In 1871 almost 100 vessels were wrecked, sunk or stranded here.

One Indian legend says that 500 Winebago indians tried to cross "Death's Door" in 1634 or thereabouts with the mission to attack the Potawatomi on Washington island. Halfway across the straits, the canoes were caught in a cross wind and because the canoes had flat bottoms, they could not be controlled. All 500 Winebago indians died. Even during the Winter, when a lot of the lake and Green Bay may have frozen over, Death's Door could have 2 feet of ice frozen over in the morning and open water in the afternoon.

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Sturgeon Bay, the largest city in Door County, is located approximately 43 miles Northeast of Green Bay. From Sturgeon Bay to the town of Northport, on the tip of the peninsula and Door County is approximately another 43 miles. Sturgeon Bay is 142 miles and about 3 hours from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While Sturgeon Bay may be the largest city in Door County, it is not necessarily the most popular with tourists. Popular tourist destinations are Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Peninsula State Park, Cave Point County Park, Ephraim, Sister Bay, Ellison Bay and Washington Island. While you can see license plates from all over the United States, the most plates you wiil see, other than Wisconsinites, seems to be people from Illinois.